This project occupies a special place in the museum worlds of cyberspace which are now being created.
VIRTUAL TRANSFER is not a digital collection, not a portal, not a virtual museum, but a vision of interaction and communication with our visitors and users.
VIRTUAL TRANSFER aims to be a strategy for direct communication and works as a sort of "online agency" for the Musée Suisse Group.
Unlike the flood of information in the web, VIRTUAL TRANSFER offers the opportunity to rediscover the charm and charisma of the objects in the collections, their history and their impact on the viewer.
Places and stories that can be explored interactively, a choice selection of objects, highly personalised forms of address, successful dramatic scenes presented in multimedia form, all give the users a strong stimulus, bring them inspiration and in this way activate their own creativity.
VIRTUAL TRANSFER is not a virtual substitute for the National Museum. It will help in developing experimental strategies for interactive transfer, and as effective publicity will attract ongoing interest and a high degree of awareness during the planning phase of the New National Museum.

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