Founded more than a hundred years ago as a symbol of national indentification in order to preserve the cultural inheritance, the Swiss National Museum in the 21st century is confronted with more extensive tasks, new challenges and goals.
If it is to carry out in the future the principal tasks of a museum - collecting, preserving, researching and above all publicising - the National Museum needs a fundamental expansion both in its conception and in the building it occupies.
The growth of the collections and changes in the behaviour of visitors render it necessary to make changes to and enlargements of the existing building which is moreover in need of renovation. The forthcoming structural changes give the Museum an excellent opportunity to realign the relationships between content and strategy, purpose and form, and as a museum for the 21st century to present the cultural history of Switzerland in a way that speaks to the visitors, is effective in the media and appropriate from the marketing point of view. The New National Museum will become an urban centre linking the traditions of the past with the challenges of the future.

A New National Museum for Switzerland

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